A fussy way to make coffee

It has been said that achieving greatness comes down to just three things:

  1. A clicky Keyboard
  2. A Soda Stream
  3. A fussy way to make coffee

This post focuses on number three. Every morning I can, I make myself a batch of coffee in as fussy of a way that I know. How do I achieve this? It comes down to just two things: Aeropress and Tonx

First let me tell you about the Aeropress, or at least show you how it works.

Please note, this is not a real commercial - yes, that's really how it works; no, the video it wasn't made by Aeropress (it was made by a classy gentleman called Adam Lisagor).

You grind your beans, you add some water, you steep it, you plunge it, you get rid of the grounds, then you dilute it, and then you enjoy it. Hands down it is the easiest way to make great coffee I've ever experience.

"But Chase!" you may be thinking. "What about a French Press? That's how real fussy coffee is made!"


The French Press is fine in theory, but let me assure you - it has two downfalls: one is the filter and the other is the clean up. On a press pot, the wire mesh lets too much crap through. Crap in your coffee is not good. 

Clean up is also a complete pain in the ass. If you pour out all the coffee, the grounds are compressed at the end of the glass container, and you're either left scooping it out or trying to pour them down the drain. It stinks.

Enter... the Aeropress. First, it's the basic principle of the press pot. But they ad a syringe-style plunger (which creates serious air pressure) and the cleanliness of a paper filter. You measure out your grounds, add hot water, steep, press. That's it. Clean up? Unscrew the filter assembly and plunge further and your grounds and filter go into the garbage (which automatically wipes clean the cylinder). A quick rinse and you're set for a nice, gentle air dry. 

I love the Aeropress. I love it more than any automatic machine I've had, and more than french press. It's the best way to make fussy coffee. It also costs about $30 bucks for the device and about two years worth of filters.

Now, the fussy machine is only as useful as its fussy raw materials, which in my case is Tonx. This is a subscription service. They send me a bag of really nice coffee every other week (which means I never go without) and it's been delicious every single time. 

The beans and the notes. 

The beans and the notes. 

Think of it as a one-off delivery of some great fresh roasted beans every two weeks. This way you can get a wide variety of great beans and don't have to worry about finding one certain producer you like (which usually costs more at my fancy local fussy coffee place) and are constantly delighted with treats from around the world. 

They sent one two weeks ago that was amazing. I also can't wait to try this week's. They roast every other Sunday in LA and get them in the mail on Monday. By the time they arrive at your door (which is usually Thursday for me) the beans have gotten enough time to be awesome. 

My fussy coffee setup

My fussy coffee setup

So try Tonx. (Seriously - if you sign up with this link you'll get a free sample). Then get an Aeropress.

You'll be 1/3 of the way to greatness.