So that makes her... you?

I saw this movie in a local theatre this Summer. I got the Blu-ray in the mail a few weeks ago but then I went on vacation so I finally watched it again last night.


There's something about the movie that draws me in. I have a fondness for the San Juan Islands, and especially so during the fall/winter -- it's possible they're just preying upon that connection -- but I think I'm equally fond of this movie.

It's a strange premise (TLDW: guy sleeps with his dead brother's girlfriend's sister, antics ensue) but it's such a simple construction - not a lot of music, basic camera work - the only thing that throws me is that he bikes back from Orcas Island to what I believe to be Burien in the span of a morning.

It showcases the beauty of that corner of the world and the complications of modern friendships. It feels very PNW-ish and very real.