Music Video Montage

Sometimes, I'll hit the road (or the skies) and end up shooting some video and stitching it together with a song I like, and then I post it up.

Such as:

1) The time I drove up to British Columbia, saw a Canucks game (I'm a big hockey fan now), and explored north of the city for the first time.

2) The time I went flying with my friend Tony, up to Port Angeles out of Olympia and saw a lot of the Olympics

3) The time I went out on a boat in Union, WA on Hood Canal with my family and heard tales of the people who moved up there in the '30's to start the next San Francisco

I have another video of my trip to Hawaii last year that I need to post up sometime as well. It's a bit longer, and coincidentally much warmer and causes yearning to get back out to Hawaii at the earliest chance.